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Warranty conditions

  • The warranty terms of the goods begin to be calculated from the day of the proper transfer (delivery) of the goods to the Buyer, or from the day of issuing the invoice. During the product warranty period, warranty repairs are performed free of charge.

    A 12-month warranty period applies to all electrical appliances and furniture.

    In exceptional cases, when the manufacturer has not provided a warranty for the goods, the warranty terms for the goods specified in legal acts apply.

    The buyer submitting the product for warranty repair (to the Seller or the manufacturer's representatives) submits the purchase documents - the invoice - together with the product. If the specified documents are not submitted, the Seller or the manufacturer's representative has the right to refuse to accept the product for warranty repair.

    The warranty obligations of the goods manufacturer or the Seller are valid if the conditions of use of the goods have not been violated.

    The operating conditions of the products covered by the manufacturer's warranty are specified in the manufacturer's instructions for use.

    Warranty obligations are void in the event of malfunctions due to natural disasters, power supply interruptions, mechanical or chemical damage (the device has been hit, dismantled, liquid or other substances have entered the interior, skin surfaces have been rubbed, torn, scratched, painted, etc.), as well as due to improper grounding of the device, rust, damaged warranty stickers or in other cases, not following the product's instructions for use or the product's operating conditions.

    Warranty repair and replacement of electrical equipment (except electric pedicure chairs) is carried out at the product warranty service point on Bitininkų str. 4F, LT-08310 Vilnius. For warranty service, please call +370 646 95900 or email

    Warranty repairs (in the case of a warranty provided by the manufacturer) are carried out by the manufacturer's representatives in accordance with the procedure and deadlines established by the manufacturer's representative's services. Transportation costs to the manufacturer's representative services for Products damaged during the warranty period are not compensated.

    ATTENTION! All electronic devices have a 12-month warranty (excluding replacement parts, bulbs, grinders, dust bags, etc.)

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