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  • Before paying for the order, the Buyer must familiarize himself with the terms and conditions of the Rules. Once the payment has been made, in all cases it is considered that the Buyer is familiar with the terms and conditions of the Rules and has unconditionally accepted them. In cases where the Buyer partially or completely disagrees with all or a certain part of the terms of the Rules, he cannot pay for the order.

    The rules regulate legal relations when a purchase and sale contract is concluded between two business entities, i.e., the Seller – a legal entity engaged in trading activities, and the Buyer – a natural or legal entity providing beauty (or related) services and/or hotel (accommodation) ) services for commercial, business performance and/or professional purposes. 3.2. The contract is considered to have been concluded, after the Buyer has created a basket of the Goods of his choice (after selecting the Goods he wants to buy), after familiarizing himself with and agreeing to the Rules, and after paying part or all of the order

    After creating a basket of services or goods, select the payment method in the "Payment" section of orders:

    • In cash or by payment card at the point of pick-up;
    • Online payment;
    • In cash upon delivery to the courier (0.90 cnt.);
    • By bank transfer (We prepare an invoice for you for advance payment);
    • Payment by installments with General Financing.
    • In cash. After the Seller's representative (courier) delivers the Goods to the address specified in the confirmed order, the Buyer pays the Seller in cash for the Goods according to the VAT invoice provided by the courier. When delivering the goods to the courier, the Buyer must have the exact amount of money specified in the VAT invoice. The Buyer also pays in cash during the delivery of the Goods, after arriving at the Seller.
    • Bank transfer. The Seller sends an advance invoice for the Goods ordered by the Buyer to the e-mail address specified in the confirmed order of the Buyer who has chosen this advance payment method. The buyer transfers the money by bank transfer to the current account of the seller. Money is transferred according to the rates and rules applied by the Buyer's bank. After choosing this payment method, the Buyer must indicate the exact amount of money specified in the Seller's advance invoice, in the payment destination field - the number of the confirmed order or the invoice number, as well as other information fields necessary to complete the payment order (Recipient - MB Beautyfor LT, VAT number 303005685 , JSC LT56 7300 0101 3463 2914).
    • Installments with Inbank Leasing. You can buy in installments from 50 to 10,000 EUR. Installment purchase registration procedures are easy and simple, as the solvency of each customer is evaluated automatically in a few minutes, using an advanced information system that allows receiving and evaluating data about a person from various databases and registers. To use the installment purchase service online, create a basket of desired items and we will finance the total amount. The entire process of concluding and signing the hire purchase agreement takes place securely online. Electronically signed documents acquire the same legal force as those signed by hand.
    • Pay with MOKI 3 in 3 months. This is a discount when a 24-month contract is concluded. consumer credit agreement, you are given the opportunity to choose - to pay for your purchases in 3 months, in equal parts, without increase or to pay according to 24 months. schedule with lower installments with interest. If you choose to pay with MOKI3, it is important to make all 3 payments on time without delays. Otherwise, a 24-month contract payment schedule with interest will be automatically applied to you. For example, borrowing €158.00 when the contract is concluded for 24 months. for the term, annual interest rate - 17%, contract conclusion fee - 0%, monthly contract fee - 0%, BVKKMN - 18.44%, total payable amount - €187.44, monthly payment - €7.81. Financing conditions may change after your solvency and risk assessment, when you pay the initial installment or when you choose a different contract term and installment payment date.

    Advantages of purchasing in installments:

    • You will shop quickly, at a time convenient for you and without leaving home - solvency assessment
    and the signing of the contract takes place online. You can also buy a lease in a physical store - after choosing the goods, contact the service staff;
    • You can purchase more than one item when purchasing in installments;
    • The conclusion of the contract takes only a few minutes;
    • You can choose the most suitable contract term or payment amount;
    • Choose yourself: where, when and how you want to pay the installments (at Maxima cash desks, PayPost branches, bank transfer or Mokilizingo self-service);
    • The contract can be concluded by two persons - family members, and thus purchase in installments under more favorable conditions;
    • You can pay ahead of time without additional costs;
    • You can conclude a contract without leaving your home - online.

    The hire purchase service can be used by persons:

    • Those who receive a salary according to an employment contract;
    • Receiving other, additional income, according to the activities carried out s area. More information about this can be found here.

    In order to use the installment purchase service, you must have one of the following personal identification documents:

    • Passport or identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • Permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.


    MB Beautyfor LT

    Bitininkų st. 4F - 39, LT-08310 Vilnius
    Company registration code: 303005685
    VAT registration code: LT100007535117
    Bank: "Swedbank", AB

    LT56 7300 0101 3463 2914

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