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Inbank leasing

  • Smart financing offer with Inbank leasing
    Buy goods in installments

    You can buy the desired goods or a basket of goods up to EUR 10,000 by installments, especially conveniently and quickly. All you need to do is select the items you want and we will offer you the most reasonable financing offer. We provide the service together with our partner Inbank.

    Advantages of purchasing in installments:

    • You will shop quickly, at a time convenient for you and without leaving home - solvency assessment
    and the signing of the contract takes place online. You can also buy a lease in a physical store - after choosing the goods, contact the service staff;
    • You can purchase more than one item when purchasing in installments;
    • The conclusion of the contract takes only a few minutes;
    • You can choose the most suitable contract term or payment amount;
    • Choose yourself: where, when and how you want to pay the installments (at Maxima cash desks, PayPost branches, bank transfer or Mokilizingo self-service);
    • The contract can be concluded by two persons - family members, and thus purchase in installments under more favorable conditions;
    • You can pay ahead of time without additional costs;
    • You can conclude a contract without leaving your home - online.

    Financing conditions when buying in installments online with Inbanklizing:
    • We finance the price of a product or basket of products from 50 to 10,000 EUR;
    • You can choose a repayment term of up to 60 months;
    • Persons under the age of 18 may enter into the contract;
    • When buying a product in installments, you will immediately become the owner of the product;
    • You can choose whether you wish to pay the initial contribution or whether you will start paying contributions only next month;
    • The payable amount will be distributed monthly, according to the established schedule.
    • You can track payments on the Mokilizingas self-service page;

    The hire purchase service can be used by persons:

    • Those who receive a salary according to an employment contract;
    • Receiving other, additional income, according to the field of activity. More information about this can be found here.

    In order to use the installment purchase service, you must have one of the following personal identification documents:

    • Passport or identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania;
    • Permanent residence permit in the Republic of Lithuania.

    Inbank leasing
    +370 700 700 80


    How to purchase goods with MOKI 3

    1. The amount of goods must be at least EUR 50 and not more than EUR 10,000.

    2. Select the goods and create a shopping cart

    3. CLICK the "START SHOPPING" button and fill in your personal data

    3. Choose a delivery method

    4. Select the "ONLINE PAYMENT" method and select MOKI 3 payment (click on the Moki 3 logo).

    5. Take your time when paying, you will be directed to the MOKI 3 system, where you will have to fill in the necessary information.

    6. WE will receive an automatic notification that you have successfully concluded a contract with MOKI 3 and paid MOKI 3 and will confirm your order.



    Pay for the services you want to purchase WITHOUT ANY INCREASE with MOKI 3 in just 3 months! No additional fees, and the purchased service or their cart will be yours immediately. If you choose MOKI 3, your purchase amount will be divided into three equal parts and you will have to pay them over three months. When paying for the service within the set payment term, no interest or contract fee will be applied, so the service will not be more expensive for you. If you want to pay over a longer period of time, you can also do it in 24 months. In this case, the leasing agreement with the payment schedule will be sent to you by e-mail. by post

    For example, borrowing €300 when the contract is concluded for 24 months. for the term, annual interest rate – 24.90%, contract fee – 9.92%, BVKKMN – 38.47%, total payable amount – €413.76,

    monthly payment – €17.24.

    Frequently asked questions

    • How much will you have to pay each month?

    If you choose MOKI 3, you will have to pay in three months by paying equal installments. If you want
    to pay over a longer term, you can also pay for the purchase within 24 months. The amount of your contribution
    you can always find it online at the self-service website

    • What to do if you miss a MOKI 3 installment or want to pay over a longer term?

    If you miss a MOKI 3 installment, we'll offer you a settlement over 24 months. If you have decided
    pay over a longer term - just skip your MOKI 3 month installment.
    In both cases, within 5 working days by e-mail. We will send you a new, 24-month leasing contract by mail, with
    with lower premiums. We will also inform you about the changed payment schedule by short (SMS) message.
    We will not charge late fees for a missed payment.
    For example, if you bought a product for €120 with MOKI 3, you would pay €40 in three months. The first installment
    you paid €40, but decided to pay the remaining amount of the contract over a longer term. Then
    skip your €40 payment at the end of the 2nd month and email we will send you a leasing agreement with 24 months by mail.
    payment schedule. The regular payment of this contract, including interest and contract fee, will be €6.90, and the total
    the amount to be paid is €165.60.

    Own  You can find the contract schedule by logging in to the self-service website

    • Why is 24 months specified in the contract? lease agreement schedule?

    For your convenience, we also specified 24 months in the contract. payment schedule. This schedule will only be relevant to you if
    if you have not paid a single MOKI 3 installment (1/3 of the service basket amount), you would decide to settle
    in 24 months deadline. If you have paid even one installment of MOKI 3 and then decided to settle within 24
    month, email We will send you a new payment schedule by mail.

    • What will be the interest and contract fee if I do not pay the MOKI 3 installment on time?

    Failure to settle with MOKI 3, 24-month leasing contract interest and contract fee will be calculated
    only from the remaining unpaid loan amount and from the date of interest recalculation.
    For example, borrowing €300 when the contract is concluded for 24 months. for the term, the annual interest rate is 24.90
    %, contract fee – 9.92%, BVKKMN – 38.47%, total payable amount – €413.76, monthly payment –

    • Will I be able to return the purchase(s)?

    You can contact BETA.LT customer service for information about the return of purchases and warranty
    email the team by mail or tel. +370 646 95900 (on weekdays from 08:00 to 17:00).

    • Where can I find information about my MOKI 3 contracts?

    You can find all information about concluded contracts and monthly payments by logging in to the self-service website