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  • The Medika brand is professional equipment for beauticians and aesthetic medicine. Medika is developing dynamically thanks to the interdisciplinary knowledge of the Medika team, the use of the latest technologies and an approach focused on customer needs. For MEDIKA, the most important thing is the high quality of the components (which are used for production). MEDIKA uses Corian® antibacterial material for all device housing designs.

    Medika is not only the latest device technology, which is appreciated by customers all over the world. It is also a reliable and empathetic approach to the person, the quality of the equipment developed with doctors and scientists, which, together with the trained staff, equates to much higher values of aesthetic medicine. MEDIKA is designed to help you live a fulfilling life, to take care of your well-being, true joy and self-confidence and feeling.

    Medical certificate

    Medika is one of the few companies in Poland that has certificates for the entire device, not just individual components. The Carboxytherapy Medika machine is the only certified medical device for Carboxytherapy in Poland.